Adult's Bedroom

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Adult's Bedroom


The mid-19th century bedroom often reflected the interests of its inhabitants. Here the lady of the house could work on sewing projects if she was fortunate enough to have one of the newest labor saving devices -the sewing machine.


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Boot jack
Grander households used boot jacks made of iron.

Walnut Rope Bed
This is an empire style bed with a horse hair mattress.

Wooden Rope Key
Used to tighten ropes supporting the mattress.

Sewing Machine
Serial No. 304737 Wheeler and Wilson, Mfg., Bridgeport, Conn. Style of head changed little during second half of 19th century but in 1861 a glass pressure foot was introduced to feed material through from left to right. The u shaped foot is made…

Mahogany veneer with marble top. Includes drawer and pull out towel rack.

Wash Bowl and Pitcher Set
6 matching pieces. White and gold floral design marked "Homer Laughlin."

Spool Baby Crib
Original finish. Found in farmhouse in Lancaster, Pa.

Child's Walker
Sometimes called a standing stool or baby tender. They were used to keep babies from falling into fires or boiling pots. Seen in pictures as early as 1810 they were used both as walkers and to keep babies out of harm's way. Often the tenders were…

Was stitched by an 8 year old French girl. Children often practiced lessons as well as their needlework when working on samplers. This little girl was practicing her alphabet. Can you find her mistakes?
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