Children's Bedroom

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Children's Bedroom


The mid-19th century bedroom often reflected the interests of its inhabitants. Here more than one child could sleep and store their toys.


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Shaving Stand
This mirror as a swivel function.

Nathaniel Currier Prints
Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer

Belonged to Betty Styles

Black Haired China Doll
A child's toy. This doll is likely of German manufacture. It is a simple but nice doll for the period. It is called a "high brow" doll because of its hairstyle. Clothing is believed to be vintage reproduction using antique trim and fabric.

Blonde Wax over papermache doll
This doll is most likely made in Germany or England. It is wax over a paper mache composition. The bulbous eyes are a characteristic of theses dolls. This doll would not have been an expensive one. The dress is not original but may be older then theā€¦
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