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laundry stirer.jpg
This was used by the lady of the house to stir the laundry when laundry day came around, notice how worn it is.

20180810_155240 (1).jpg
This is similar in both looks and function to a modern grater.

soap stone.jpg
These stones were used like hot water bottles. They would be heated up in the hearth down stairs before being carried up and put in the bed in order to keep it warmer during the winter. Although these stones were harder then water bottles they did…

It was much more efficient to compress the tea into solid blocks than it was to ship lose leave. Once bought at the general store the block would be chipped to make tea.

tin coffee pot.jpg
This type of coffee pot is commonly seen in photos from the Civil War period.

dry sink.jpg
Made of pine. It is primitive with one shelf and two doors. It has an old latch but more recent hinges.

metal stand.JPG
Made for resting things on.

fire place tongs.JPG
Used for controlling the fire.

This set of blue willow china was made in England by Burleighware.

These two plates are white with a gold rim.
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