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ida portait.JPG
31" x 27- 1 /2". Loan to the City of Falls Church by Margaret McGill, granddaughter of Ida Jane. Gilt frame- c.l860. Rococo style outer frame c. 1860-1870.
Granddaughter says painting was done when child was six or seven.
No indication as to…

dec of ind print.JPG
Mezzotint steel engraving. From a painting by John Trumbell, Esq., New York - printed and published by J. Neale, 56 Carmine St. Engraved by N.S. Sadd, N.Y. Purchased by FCHF Nov. 25,1995 at Westminster Antique Mall, Westminster, Md.

metal stand.JPG
Made for resting things on.
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