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These are reasonably similar to modern glasses.


sewing table.jpg
Pedestal table with three drawers, one of them beveled. It has an acanthus leaf pedestal and white porcelain knobs (most likely not original). The edge is hand carved and it is empire style.

Saber Legged Chair.jpg
Wood with an upholstered seat.

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Has a glass front to better show off what it inside.


Foot stool.jpg
Made in the Empire Style.

Piano stool.jpg
Empire style mahogany stool.

Tie back.jpg
Made of brass. They are used to tie back the curtains. These tie backs are in the shape of a flower

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8 in candle stick.jpg
Made of brass.

fire place tools.jpg
Brass poker and grabber. Both tools are still used today to tend to fires.

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Cannon ball anirons.jpg
Made of brass.

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