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spill pot.jpg
This pair of painted ceramic pots sits on the mantel. Each pot has four painted sections divided by gold trim. Homeowners would tightly roll pieces of newspapers and store them in the spill pots. They would light the paper rolls in the hearth fire…


Rocking chair.jpg
A mid-19th century rocking chair, sometimes referred to as a Lincoln rocker because Abraham Lincoln was photographed in one.

Pic nic of 4 july.jpg
By Lilly Martin Spencer. the leading American woman artist in the 1840s-1870s. ( ( It hangs over the melodeon). Pic Nic was completed in 1858. The print hanging at Cherry Hill was published by New York Engraving . Printing and Publishing Co. in …

bird cage.jpg
c. 1850. Mahogany and brass with some inlay. It came from Annapolis area.

Astral Lamp.jpg
Fuel for lamps like these was refined whale oil. This lamp was most popular in the United States in the 1830s and 1840s. Our lamps here are old reproductions that have no place for whale oil.

Melodeon 2.jpg
It was copyrighted 1862 by George A Prince & Co. Buffalo, N.Y. Rosewood. Small keyboard organ that produces sounds by drawing air through metal reeds by means of a bellow operated by pedals. The melodeon at Cherry Hill has two pedals and two…

Mantal miror.jpg
Neo-classical and gilt framed.

matel garneture set.jpg
Three-light centerpiece with two single-light side pieces and a marble base. It was very popular and ownership demonstrated the height of good taste.

fire screen 2.jpg
Floral needlepoint panel-reds, rose, and navy in gilt lined frame. Kept heat from reddening lady's face.

spool holder.jpg
Rods held spools of thread.
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