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Made of white china with a bird painted on.

A copper pitcher.

Old Paris style serving dish. It is a white dish with a gold trim.

"Rebecca" and "Gertrude" Part of a series using popular names of the times. Done before partnership with Ives.

dinning chair.JPG
Empire style reproductions made of Virginia walnut.

Walnut Sheraton drop-leaf with a single end drawer.

old paris vase.jpg
Doubled handled vase hand painted with a classical decoration.

These are fancy china egg cups.

brass candle sticks with glass.JPG
These originally would have had candles in them.

fedral mirror.JPG
Split baluster. Gilded pine or mahogany. Note the reverse painting on the upper panel- gold pears on a bed of gold leaves. Spade design in background. Applied design on wood.
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