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small paris vase.jpg
This small vase is made of white porcelain and painted with green leaves.

cannonball anirons.JPG
These ones were made of brass.

This bell has a wooden handle and a brass base.

These reproduction bellows are wood with a hand painted pattern of fruit.

A blue pitcher with cooper decorations.

These are pieces of Chinese Export porcelain which were probably brought to America by Clipper ships. This was the least costly of the various types of Chinese Export porcelain. Most of it, like these plates, are unmarked.

These pots have blue and white dome lids and round "feet".

This lamp is possibly Sandwich glass- acanthus leaf design, it burnt whale oil.

This glass dish was made to hold a pat of butter. It is called a weeding day butter pat dish.

glass candle holder.JPG
These are nine inches tall and made of brass.
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