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Favored for use as a mark of discrimination and gentility. William Harvey, the first owner of Cherry Hill purchased a set at the local general store. These were made from cut and blown glass.

Has a design of blue lilies.

These two plate are white with blue designs.

Stenciled design of basket of fruit. This design is unusual because there is open work in the basket that allows you to see through the fruit and leaves in the bottom of the basket. Most theorems were done on velvet- they were first stenciled and…

This was made in the old pairs style and is white with a gold design.

This set is made of pink lusterware.

Josiah Wedgewood probably invented what we call pink luster around 1792. It is a pinkish, purplish decoration around the rim of the pottery. It was mainly used on tea sets although it was used to decorate other wares are well. This particular type of…

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From the Empire period.

Argus pattern flint glass. This style was made in Pennsylvania before and after the Civil War. The preserves stored in this glass would have been made on the farm with fruits grown on the farm.

Made of blue and white canton pottery.
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