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soap stone.jpg
These stones were used like hot water bottles. They would be heated up in the hearth down stairs before being carried up and put in the bed in order to keep it warmer during the winter. Although these stones were harder then water bottles they did…

rectagular mirror.JPG
A rectangular mirror with a simple wood frame.

sampler 2.jpg
Samplers were made by children in order to practice their embroidery skills, This one was made by a child named Louise when she was eight years old.This embroidery sampler has a pattern of french roses and butterflies on it.

This set consists of a comb, a face towel, a tooth brush and, a fingernail brush.

slate 1.JPG
An old style chalk board used for practicing writing.

doll table.jpg
Small low down wooden table.

doll and doll rocker.JPG
This is a small wicker chair for a doll.

doll and doll chair.JPG
This chair has green painted wood and a woven seat.

doll and doll bed.JPG
Wooden toy bed for a doll to be tucked into.

china head doll.JPG
This doll has a china head and a fabric body.
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