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This reproduction set consists of a comb, a face towel, a toothbrush and, a fingernail brush.

China Doll.png
A child's toy. This doll is likely of German manufacture. It is a simple but nice doll for the period. It is called a "high brow" doll because of its hairstyle. Clothing is believed to be vintage reproduction using antique trim and fabric.

wax doll.jpg
This doll is most likely made in Germany or England. It is wax over a paper mache composition. The bulbous eyes are a characteristic of theses dolls. This doll would not have been an expensive one. The dress is not original but may be older then theā€¦

tall oil lamp.jpg
This candle stick is made of brass.

Black and Gold Chair.png
A black wooden chair with gold and brown decorations.

doll table.jpg
Small low down wooden table.

childs chair.JPG
Made of mahogany with horsehair upholstery.
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