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Mirror on Swivel stand.png
This mirror as a swivel function.

baby walker.jpg
Sometimes called a standing stool or baby tender. They were used to keep babies from falling into fires or boiling pots. Seen in pictures as early as 1810 they were used both as walkers and to keep babies out of harm's way. Often the tenders were…

mouse trap.JPG
The wire cage is 19th century mousetrap.

Woman used their hands, washed in cold water, for taking the butter out of the churn (if they didn't have a scoop). The butter was then put into a wooden tray and worked with a paddle, called butter workers, until it was free from water.

Tip of handle worn.

Wood. The skin of a rabbit or another small animal would be stretched over board and flesh scrapped off by a knife.

Rocking chair.jpg
A mid-19th century rocking chair, sometimes referred to as a Lincoln rocker because Abraham Lincoln was photographed in one.
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