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Candle Snuffer.png
Silver plated and has a wick trimmer for the scorched ends.

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Cannon ball anirons.jpg
Made of brass.

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The Works of Charles Dickens Volume II, Collier's Unabridged Edition, New York, P.F. Collier Publisher 1880

Has a glass front to better show off what it inside.


Pull out desk allowed one to work while standing.

Pic nic of 4 july.jpg
By Lilly Martin Spencer. the leading American woman artist in the 1840s-1870s. ( ( It hangs over the melodeon). Pic Nic was completed in 1858. The print hanging at Cherry Hill was published by New York Engraving . Printing and Publishing Co. in …

fire place tools.jpg
Brass poker and grabber. Both tools are still used today to tend to fires.

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Foot stool.jpg
Made in the Empire Style.

horse hair sofa.jpg
Empire style. Rolled crest rail. scrolled arm supports. Ogee seat rail and feet. Crotch mahogany veneer. All original except for reupholstered seat. (Horsehair was taken from the tail and mane of horse. Tail hair was most desirable and described…

Looking glass.jpg
Gilt frame. Neoclassical. Reverse painting on upper glass panel.
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