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spill pot.jpg
This pair of painted ceramic pots sits on the mantel. Each pot has four painted sections divided by gold trim. Homeowners would tightly roll pieces of newspapers and store them in the spill pots. They would light the paper rolls in the hearth fire…


side chair 2.jpg
An upholstered side chair in the french directoire style. Curved black stiles extend from crest rail to front seat rail. They are not connected to saber style back legs. Turned front legs. The crest rail is carved with gadrooning and the termini of…

A recreation of a period carpet. Few floor coverings survive. from the 1860s


Work table.jpg
Made in the empire style of furniture. Solid mahogany and veneer. Has two drawers with non original brass knobs.

Dictionary by William Smith. This is a teacher's edition that was revised and edited by F.N. and M.A. Pelpubey.

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The Works of Charles Dickens Volume II, Collier's Unabridged Edition, New York, P.F. Collier Publisher 1880

Typically made of ivory but occasionally one can be found made of porcelain. The one at Cherry Hill is on the plain side for these.


An elegant white vase with gilt lines. There is a crack on one part because of that crack this is the "cracked" paris vase.

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sheet music 2.jpg
The folio of sheet music is bound with a leather spine and has a leather name plate.


White with gilt line. Because Cherry Hill has more then one paris vase each one has an identifier. This one is "old"

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