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glass candle holder.JPG
These are nine inches tall and made of brass.

childs bed.jpg
"Sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite", this saying probably came from beds like this.

"Rebecca" and "Gertrude" Part of a series using popular names of the times. Done before partnership with Ives.

dinning chair.JPG
Empire style reproductions made of Virginia walnut.

looking glass.JPG
Frame- 1-3/4" x 28-112" x 42"; Mirror, 33-1/2" x 19-1/2". Burled mahogany with gold inner rim, original glass. (COL. EDITH HIN TON)

piers table.jpg
21'" x 42"- 1/2" x 38", Burled mahogany and maple, brass t.Ii1n, claw iron feet. Originally had a marble top. Mirrored back. One shelf. Called a petticoat table because the ladies could check their skirts to make sure their petticoats were not…
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