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American Empire style. Hand carved with crotch-grained mahogany veneer. The seats are covered in needle point done in silk floss with gold woven into the tape.

Black and Gold Chair.png
A black wooden chair with gold and brown decorations.

dinning chair.JPG
Empire style reproductions made of Virginia walnut.

Green Doll Chair.png
This chair has green painted wood and a woven seat.

Doll Rocking Chair.png
This is a small wicker chair for a doll.

high chair.JPG
This is an old fashion high chair. It is made in the empire style with a horse hair seat.

Rocking chair.jpg
A mid-19th century rocking chair, sometimes referred to as a Lincoln rocker because Abraham Lincoln was photographed in one.

Saber Legged Chair.jpg
Wood with an upholstered seat.

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