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candel mold.jpg
Eight tubed. Was used with tallow, a mixture of the, whitish, tasteless solid or hard fat obtained from parts of the bodies of cattle, sheep, or horses and used in food or to make candles, soap, leather dressing and lubricants.

Tole. Gold floral.

Long handled with rattail. It is wrought iron, most all of this period were forged to order, handle length as well as size were tailored to each housewife's specifications.

wooden buket.JPG
Kept in kitchen in case of fire. This one has iron straps and staples as well as an iron handle. It is 12 1/4 of an inch high and was found in the out buildings at Cherry Hill before the restoration of the house.

Wood. 34" x 5". Used to carry water from the well. There were two related objects know as yokes found on early farms. One kind was placed on the necks of oxen when harnessing them to cart or plow. The other type, such as this one, was used by humans…

Pine. Primitive. One shelf. Two doors. Old latch with more recent hinges.

Iron used to press clothes by being heated with fire and thrust into a tube. This made the tube hoy. The little mop caps and bonnets were then pressed back and forth on the tube.
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