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wooden scouring board.JPG
Used to rub utensils with fine sand or crushed shells to remove grease.

Iron links welded together. Found in the bam at Cherry Hill.

Sad Iron.png
Wood handle. "Asbestos Sad Iron". (Sad meaning solid, another word for flat iron)

iron and stove.JPG
"Bowhs Co. #6"

Wood. The skin of a rabbit or another small animal would be stretched over board and flesh scrapped off by a knife.

Tip of handle worn.

Woman used their hands, washed in cold water, for taking the butter out of the churn (if they didn't have a scoop). The butter was then put into a wooden tray and worked with a paddle, called butter workers, until it was free from water.

coffe grinder.JPG
Coffee as a drink became universal in the 19th century. At first the beans were boiled whole and the water used a a drink. They soon discovered the better way was to grind the bean first and coffee mills appeared- made of wood and brass with an iron…

ladder back chair.jpg
Shaker. Formerly a tilter. Splint seat.
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