Painting of Child- Ida Jane Lynch

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Painting of Child- Ida Jane Lynch


31" x 27- 1 /2". Loan to the City of Falls Church by Margaret McGill, granddaughter of Ida Jane. Gilt frame- c.l860. Rococo style outer frame c. 1860-1870.
Granddaughter says painting was done when child was six or seven.
No indication as to where, but personal property tax assessments do not list William Lynch in Fairfax County for 1862-1865, so it appears family left Falls Church during the Civil War and returned after the hostilities were over.
Granddaughter, Margaret MCGill also says her grandmother was born at Big Chimneys in 1857. Big Chimneys was originally built as a log home and ordinary where travelers could rest and have a meal on their way to Leesburg and Alexandria. It was built on the Middle Turnpike (Broad Street)
and was said to have a stone in one of the chimneys inscribed with the date 1699 and hence the first recorded date of a permanent settlement in Falls
Church and the source of Falls Church's tricentennial.
In 1846 Nathan Thompson, great uncle of Ida Jane, owned Big Chimneys. He agreed to sell six acres of his property, located on the Cherty Hill side of the Middle Turnpike to Harvey. However, Harvey did not pay for it and it was not until the next owner of Cherry Hill paid for it that the new ownership was recorded. This six acres extended the frontage of Cherry Hill along Broad Street beyond the Stratford Motel /Broaddale Shopping Center line to a point beyond N. Virginia Avenue. William Lynch married Ellen Lightfoot, Ida Jane's mother and niece of Nathan Thompson. She inherited Big Chimneys but her husband was the owner as women could not hold property then.
This painting was painted by an itinerant painter, the body was pre painted and Ida's head was painted on


Margaret McGill


Cherry Hill


c. 1864




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