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An elegant white vase with gilt lines. There is a crack on one part because of that crack this is the "cracked" paris vase.

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8 in candle stick.jpg
Made of brass.

American Empire style. Hand carved with crotch-grained mahogany veneer. The seats are covered in needle point done in silk floss with gold woven into the tape.

Astral Lamp.jpg
Fuel for lamps like these was refined whale oil. This lamp was most popular in the United States in the 1830s and 1840s. Our lamps here are old reproductions that have no place for whale oil.

Dictionary by William Smith. This is a teacher's edition that was revised and edited by F.N. and M.A. Pelpubey.

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bird cage.jpg
c. 1850. Mahogany and brass with some inlay. It came from Annapolis area.

Candle Snuffer.png
Silver plated and has a wick trimmer for the scorched ends.

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Cannon ball anirons.jpg
Made of brass.

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The Works of Charles Dickens Volume II, Collier's Unabridged Edition, New York, P.F. Collier Publisher 1880
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