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Used to hold logs above the floor of the hearth. They stood on short legs and usually connected with an upright guard, giving them the appearance of a dog. Most were made of wrought iron- also gilded bronze. Plain ones were used in kitchens as…

Turn of the century. Four legged. Primitive. Oval plank seat, probably pine. Wide split in seat.

Wooden and shaped all in one piece

wooden scouring board.JPG
Used to rub utensils with fine sand or crushed shells to remove grease.

wooden buket.JPG
Kept in kitchen in case of fire. This one has iron straps and staples as well as an iron handle. It is 12 1/4 of an inch high and was found in the out buildings at Cherry Hill before the restoration of the house.

waffle iron 1.JPG
Made of cast iron. Is round with four quadrants like a modern waffle iron and made for use with fire or coal.

Made of pine.

Small brownish pitcher with repeated pattern of red roses around the middle.
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