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rope key.jpg
Used to tighten ropes supporting the mattress.

Although Ambrotypes are later then the period of this house they are similar to daguerreotypes which were around. Ambrotypes were made from the 1850s to the 1860s. They were made on glass backed with black paper or velvet. On the back of our case is…

trunk 2.jpg
Used for storage

band box 2.jpg
Used for storage.

cherry hill quite.jpg
Made for Cherry Hill

baby walker.jpg
Sometimes called a standing stool or baby tender. They were used to keep babies from falling into fires or boiling pots. Seen in pictures as early as 1810 they were used both as walkers and to keep babies out of harm's way. Often the tenders were…

Whale Oil Lamp.png
Whale oil was the main source of illumination in the 1850s-1860s

baby quilte 2.jpg
A small hand made quilt for the babies cradle

d type 2.jpg
A photo of a man

Daguerreotype's use a light sensitive silver coating on a copper plate to produce and image.
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